Press Clipping
Mike Greenblatt’s Rant ‘N Roll

They’re called Kune and their self-titled debut (Universal) has this Toronto collective exhibiting music from 11 countries, one for each musician. Iran, Cuba, Ukraine, Canada, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Greece, Peru, Tibet, and China are represented. “Kune” means “together” in Esperanto. Over 150 applicants were auditioned, whittled down to these 11. All of them were immigrants who now call Canada home. In creating this orchestra to celebrate Canada’s cultural diversity and pluralism, a powerful message is sent. The first ships arrived on Canadian shores in 1497. The Royal Conservatory of Music started this project in 2016. “Through writing, rehearsals, cultural exploration, and touring together,” according to Executive Director Mervon Mehta, a “one world” sense of togetherness was achieved. Bob Marley once wrote “one love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright.” This CD is the natural expansion of that exact sentiment.